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Written by Tori Johnson   
Friday, 07 February 2014 00:00

Check out these awesome Silhouette specials good until February 14, 2014!

1. The Silhouette CAMEO®, The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software, the glitter collection sketch pens, and the metallic collection sketch pens for $269.99 ($94 in savings)
2. The Silhouette Portrait™, The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software, the glitter collection sketch pens, and the metallic collection sketch pens for $129.99 ($114 in savings)
3. 40% off the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software! Click HERE to learn more about this software.
Use the code JESSICA when checking out to take advantage of these discounts!
Want to win a Silhouette Cameo? Leave a comment here letting us know what your first project would be on your new Cameo.
Winner will be announced here and on Facebook on Monday, February 10th.
Congrats to Lori Zielinski! Lori, please e-mail Tori at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it within 24 hours to claim your prize! The nursing home where you volunteer will love the decorations you create for them using your new Cameo! :)
Sale continues until February 14th!



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Angela Lopez
Angela Lopez: ...
I need to make DIY personalized etched mugs. Of course I would use it for scrapping too

February 07, 2014
Tanja Säily
tape: ...
I'd probably cut a stencil or two for my mixed-media projects!

February 07, 2014
Carla Cooper
Carla Cooper: ...
I'd definitely do something for my wall............

February 07, 2014
Eileen Bednarz
Eileen Bednarz: ...
I love to make cards, but I'm not good with scissors. And I love everything digital!

February 07, 2014
Bonnie Carlos
Bonnie C: ...
I found a vintage rose plate and I want to place a quote on it then hang it on the wall. I sooooo need a machine to cut the words!

February 07, 2014
My first project will be using it to help me finish my son's baby book!

February 07, 2014
Robin Powell
Robin Powell: ...
My first project would be to download some of the cute Valentine stuff and make some cards.

February 07, 2014
Megan Schnitzler
Megan Schnitzler: ...
Thank you for the chance to win a Cameo! My first project will be vinyl lettering in my daughters room..then my room and the kitchen...I think I may need a lot of vinyl soon!

February 07, 2014
Bonnie: ...
I would make a wall vinyl stencil for a friend's craft room that read "A day hemmed in prayer will never come unraveled."

February 07, 2014
Kim Mikeska
Kim Mikeska: ...
I need to make some super cute wedding programs!

February 07, 2014
i would do so much with this machine but my first project would be for my physical Project Life album ... i love the look of the cut pieces in a PL album. i also love all the vinyl and fabric kits!

February 07, 2014
Wendy Koscierzynski
Wendy Koscierzynski: ...
My first project would be a Thank you Card to you!! Hope I win! Thank you for the chance.

February 07, 2014
markita: ...
I want to frost some glass, and would create a mask with the vinyl.
and then lots of other projects to follow!

February 07, 2014
Dana Gresham
Dana Gresham: ...
I have been seeing some amazing cut out titles on Pinterest that can be done with the Cameo and I am dying to play with vinyl! My imagination is running wild with ideas! Thank you for the opportunity to throw my name in for a chance to win!!

February 07, 2014
Beverly Penney
Beverly Penney: ...
I would catch up on all my scrapbooking of my beautiful 3 and 1 year old girls!! I have SO many ideas...Hmmm, maybe I'd cut the word "beautiful".... smilies/smiley.gif

February 07, 2014
T. Ossmann
Tracy01: ...
Birthday cards to start, but there's a cute rhinestone heart design that I'd love to try on a t-shirt after a little practice!

February 07, 2014
Rebecca Rhoads
Rebecca Rhoads: ...
Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! I would love to use it for my Project Life album for 2014, which will be a hybrid of digi and paper. I just know I will find many more uses if I win this fabulous machine!!! Thanks again!

February 07, 2014
Heather: ...
I would use it to make my son's 8th birthday shirt!

February 07, 2014
Phyllis Fultz
Phyllis Fultz: ...
I would cut some lacy looking cards for my project life album.

February 07, 2014
Kathy Colton
Kathy Colton: ...
What a FUN gift! I would love to win the Silhouette Cameo and my first project would be ' Together we are Family' for my wall! Thank you for the opportunity.

February 07, 2014
Christine Evans
Christine Evans: ...
Thanks for the chance to win this great machine. So many projects to do, where would I start?! Probably with helping my son with a homework project on Ancient Greece. He would just LOVE to play with a digital cutter. And then I could cut some more things to scrapbook about it!

February 07, 2014
esther: ...
Ohh thanks so much for a chance to win this fabulous tool! I've been drooling over them for some time now. smilies/cheesy.gif So many options but my first project would probably be vinyl lettering for in our new kitchen.. or things for my Project Life Album. smilies/smiley.gif

February 07, 2014
Jane Andrews
Jane Andrews: ...
Love your site, love your classes, love your inspiration.

If I win the Cameo, I would make the Gingerbread House that I bought from Lori Whitlock and haven't had a chance to make yet!!

February 07, 2014
Kathy Crawford
Kathy Crawford: ...
Valentine's Day cards for my family. Oh the possibilities.
Thanks for the chance to win.

February 07, 2014
Margy Davey
Margy Davey: ...
Love your blog and ideas! The very first thing I'd make is an awesome page celebrating the BIG birthday I'm having on Sunday.

February 07, 2014
Wendy Ramos
Wendy Ramos: ...
I just switched from digital Project Life to paper, and I would love to be able to embelish, make word art, and my own journal cards with a new Cameo - definitely the first place I would start. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

February 07, 2014
Jennifer Fredericks
Jennifer Fredericks: ...
I would make homemade valentines for my daughter! I want a Cameo (or Portrait) sooooo bad but they just aren't in the budget right now! Thanks for the chance to win one!!!

February 07, 2014
shirley burke
shirley burke: ...
"I have seen so much about the Silhouette and would love to own one. I like crafting and would take a class right away to learn how to create greeting cards and elements for my scrapbook pages. Thanks for the opportunity to win."smilies/smiley.gif

February 07, 2014
Karen Walker
Karen Walker: ...
First I'd check in with my classes on your site that I started, then neglected. Then I'd start designed and cutting my own Project Life cards! Thanks for a chance!

February 07, 2014
Sara Tumpane
Sara T.: ...
I am starting to work on a set of anniversary books for my nephew and his bride to be. 20 separate books for at the wedding...guests write their advice for love and marriage and life in each of them and then each yr on their anniversary, they open one to read it (they are numbered). The Cameo would save me TONS of custom cutting time!! (lots of numbers and pretty scrollies to create) What an awesome giveaway...should do this more often! ;o)
Thanks and love your site! Sara smilies/shocked.gif)

February 07, 2014
Brandy Jones
Brandy Jones: ...
I would love to use the silhouette to make invitations this summersmilies/kiss.gif

February 07, 2014
julie tkach
julie tkach: ...
I love making greeting cards, so having a Cameo would be a big step up! Easter is just around the corner....

February 07, 2014
Angela Keene
Angela Keene: ...
Awesome giveaway! Thanks for all you do!

February 07, 2014
lawyerlyn: ...
i'd make a greeting card. thanks for the chance to win!

February 07, 2014
Janet Trapp
Janet Trapp: ...
Would love to try all the intricate cuts I see so many others accomplishing. Would use this a ton for cardmaking and project Life with six kids!!!

~God bless

February 07, 2014
Mona Wilson
Mona Wilson: ...
I would make a card.

February 07, 2014
Myra Tsung
Myra Tsung: ...
I have so many scrapbooking projects to do, I don't know where I'd start!

February 07, 2014
Barbara Bradley
Barbara Bradley: ...
My husband just finished building my dream craft room, and I would use the Silhouette Cameo to do vinyl cut-out words of inspiration for my new "creative cave"!!

February 07, 2014
Tonia Olson
Tonia Olson: ...
I'd use it to cut out stencils for screen printing projects I've got planned.

February 07, 2014
Ronda Bateman
Ronda Bateman: ...
I would make a vinyl saying for my wall in my craft room!

February 07, 2014
Shona Patterson
Shona Patterson: ...
I'd love to use it to make my own stencils.

February 07, 2014
Leslie Kiley
Leslie Kiley: ...
I would love to win a Cameo so I could make a fabric and felt banner for my daughter! Something she can keep for a long time and bring out every year. I love things that start traditions!

February 07, 2014
Melanie Lawinger
Melanie L.: ...
I would make one of those negative space cards for Project Life. Thanks for this giveaway!

February 07, 2014
Tanya Anissy Dunn
Tanya Anissy Dunn: ...
My first project would be the most awesome scrapbook page ever! Seriously. I've wanted one of these for awhile. Thanks for the chance to win!

February 07, 2014
Kate: ...
I would love to win a Cameo. I've been admiring all the things that are being done with them. I would start with some outline overlays of text and bird silhouettes.

February 07, 2014
Janine Blackwelder
Janine Blackwelder: ...
My first project would be designing graduation decorations for my son who will be graduating in June!

February 07, 2014
Dori Melton
Dori Melton: ...
I plan to cut my custom designed stencils to use for gelatin mono-printing.

February 07, 2014
Suzanne Sullivan
Suzanne Sullivan: ...
I need to start on my two daughters parties...invites, decorations, all sorts of things!! Thanks!

February 07, 2014
Diane Willardson
Diane Willardson: ...
I would make a vinyl family tree.

February 07, 2014
Christine Patton
Christine Patton: ...
Everyone has such great ideas! I think my first project would be an adorable piano shaped box that I saw awhile ago and just fell in love with! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

February 07, 2014
Stephanie Mayer
Stephanie Mayer: ...
I need to make new labels for my file cabinets at work. Last time I used Cricut. I would LOVE to use a new Silhouette. Thank you.

February 07, 2014
aureole: ...
If I win a Silhouette Cameo that would be so fantastic! My first project would be a vinyl plague for my sister's new babies room. The problems comes with choosing which cute quote to download and use cause there are so many good ones. I think i'll go with the quote "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living my baby you'll be." This comes from one of my favorite children's books of all time. It still makes me cry. I think I'll buy the book to go with it. It will be a perfect, beautiful and meaningful gift for my new Nephew to know his Auntie loves every time he looks at it in his room.

February 07, 2014
Denise Spencer
Denise Spencer: ...
I don't know what I'd make. I've never used a Silhouette Cameo before so it would need to be something simple. Thanks for the chance to win. I am doing a 'One Little Word' project so I may cut out my word first.

February 07, 2014
Lei Cantrell
Lei Cantrell: ...
Something with vinyl...I've seen so many cute things smilies/grin.gif

February 07, 2014
Roberta Hupman
Roberta Hupman: ...
I would use it to make super awesome cards for birthdays and Christmas.

February 07, 2014
Rebecca Gonsoulin
Rebecca Gonsoulin: ...
I would most definitely be making this window frame I saw on Pinterest. In each pane you put different things, one is your monogram and wedding date, another is pictures, and the others are quotes and more pictures.

February 07, 2014
LaFaun Barnhurst
LaFaun Barnhurst: ...
I would use my new Silhouette Cameo to cut something using one of the many fonts I have on my computer.

February 07, 2014
Rosalie Vos Tulp
Rosalie Vos Tulp: ...
I would finish several paper layouts the have been sitting on my desk. I would cut titles,etc...

February 07, 2014
Michele Veenendaal
Michele Veenendaal: ...
The first thing I would do if I won a Silhouette Cameo is make lots of printed die cuts with it. I heard that you can print on your printer and then have the Cameo cut out your printed items. To be able to make your own die cuts with your designs anytime you need to is amazing! I would also make t-shirts using the rhinestone feature as that would be a great gift for my niece and or friends as well. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome cutter!! :-)

February 07, 2014
Sonya DeHart
Sonya DeHart: ...
I'd make some colorful wall decals for my sons room. He's autistic and he loves bright colors, and fun interesting images.

February 07, 2014
Cindy Lubbert
Cindy Lubbert: ...
I would make 3d valentines if I won this machine!!!

February 07, 2014
Erica Lovchik
Erica Lovchik: ...
It would be a gift to my mother. I already own and LOVE my Cameo. My mother would most likely make stencils or pieces for a card. She will learn the joy of 3D designs that are possible with the 12x12 or bigger mats!

February 07, 2014
Lynda Montgomery
Lynda Montgomery: ...
If I were to win a Cameo the first thing I would do is use it to work on the event our non-profit (Greyhound Friends of NC)holds each year. This is our 10th year for Mountain Hounds and we need the prizes, awards and product to be over the top. With a new Cameo we could make it the best event yet!!!

February 07, 2014
Candance Levy
Candance Levy: ...
Right now I'm into journaling cards to scrapbook. My first project would be to do a journaling card with a decorative cutout to use it as a background on a scrapbook page or a sentiment on a card.

February 07, 2014
Denise G: ...
Valentines for my family or love notes and cards would be my first project. Got to love this machine.

February 07, 2014
Zanne: ...
I would use it for scrapbooking & card making mostly, but I think the 1st thing I would do is create cards for my mother to send out to her friends.

Thanks for the chance to win!

February 07, 2014
Kitty M
Kitty M: ...
I'd cut some letters to add to journal pages.

::crosses fingers::

February 07, 2014
Marcyne Frank
Marcyne Frank: ...
Thanks for the opportunity to enter, I've been keeping an eye on the Silhouette for some time now. I have so many project ideas floating around in my head it's hard to decide which one I'd do first. I guess it would be to re-do my daughters wedding album, there are so many intricate cuts you can make with this machine.

February 07, 2014
Michelle: ...
My first project would be to make some vinyl wall art for my craft room!

February 07, 2014
Senia Hogin
Senia: ...
Thank you for this awesome opportunity. For my first project I would cut some cute 3x4 cards for my project life album.

February 07, 2014
Vicki Robinson
Vicki Robinson: ...
I've been wanting to make my own stencils for my mixed media projects and cards! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

February 07, 2014
Barb: ...
Thank you so much for a chance at winning a machine I've been dreaming about for several years!! Because of that, I have a very long wish list of things for which I want to use a Sihouette smilies/wink.gif I think I would start with the items I have on the list for my ds's wedding album. Thanks again!

February 07, 2014
Gypsy Stockley
Gypsy: ...
I want to cut something BIG a full page background or something. And titles, lots and lots of super cool titles! Would be awesome!

February 07, 2014
Judy Peterson
Judy P: ...
I'd use the Silhouette to finish making birthday party decorations for my toddler's upcoming 2nd birthday, as well as to design a quote for baby #2's nursery (due any day now!).

February 07, 2014
lynnellynch: ...
Let the fun begin!!!!!
I plan to make a name tag for my whiteboard at work using vinyl.
Pick me..pick me... Please.
Thank you

February 07, 2014
Glenda Lovchik
Glenda Lovchik: ...
My first project would be custom stencils.

February 07, 2014
Shayla Trimble
Shayla Trimble: ...
Something in vinyl to put up on the wall! Or some cute cards for my Project Life. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

February 07, 2014
Ann Waltenburg
Ann Waltenburg: ...
My first project would have to be something pretty simple, like a card, although I would probably be better off trying a scrapbook page with larger letters since I'm really interested in cutting out sentiments.

February 07, 2014
Emilee Slater
Emilee Slater: ...
I would make invitations for my son's birthday party!

February 07, 2014
Jo Schlanker
Jo Schlanker: ...
Thanks for the chance to win. I think would like to try my hand at using heat transfer vinyl … both for clothing and home decor projects.

February 07, 2014
Karen Warner
Karen Warner: ...
I would make some decorations for my grand daughters room if I had a Silhouette Cameo.

February 07, 2014
Theresa Conte
Theresa Conte: ...
I would make vinyl wall art to decorate my home.

February 07, 2014
Debra Vineyard
Debra Vineyard: ...
Great giveaway! I definitely would start with my Easter cards!

February 07, 2014
Tammy Hanson
Tammy Hanson: ...
I am looking at weddings favor boxes for my brother's October wedding. I love the adorable wedding dress file I saw online. It would be my first project and my gift to them to help with the wedding.

February 07, 2014
Kim Walker
Kim Walker: ...
I would try my hand at cutting fabric, we are expecting a new granddaughter in May so this Grandma has a quilt to make smilies/kiss.gif

February 07, 2014
Joanne English
Joanne English: ...
Oh how I would love to make a personalized rhinestone pattern for my new granddaughters christening/blessing dress!

February 07, 2014
Sandra Bonagura
Sandra Bonagura: ...
hmmm, well I would not get in time for Valentine's Day cards .... so it would have to be Easter cards!
Thanks for the chance to win!
Sandra ltb

February 07, 2014
Missy Walker
Missy Walker: ...
I want to win!!!!!!smilies/cool.gifsmilies/cool.gifsmilies/cool.gifsmilies/cool.gifsmilies/cool.gifsmilies/cool.gif
I would help my friend whom has been diagnosed with terminal cancer finish her scrapbooks for her daughters.

February 07, 2014
Tara Criddle
Tara Criddle: ...
I would make something for my wall and/or valentine cards!

February 08, 2014
Kim Gambill
Kim Gambill: ...
I would like to make some stencils for vinyl or painting on wood

February 08, 2014
Yolande Kielstra
Yolande Kielstra: ...
I would love to make some iron-on designs for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win.

February 08, 2014
Linh: ...
I'd make vinyl monograms.

February 08, 2014
Kemi: ...
I really want one to use in my family card party (extended family get together for this). But my goodness the possibilities are endless and my daughter's birthday is soon so probably something for her.

February 08, 2014
michelle in ca
michelle in ca: ...
Thank you for a chance to win a Cameo! I would love to make some embellishments for my gratitude journal and vinyl stencils for home décor and mixed media projects.

February 08, 2014
Lori Zielinski
Lori Zielinski: ...
After a learning curve here!! LOL
I would LOVE to make some Bright and cheery Easter decoration for our local
Nursing Home that I volunteer at!!
Thank you so much for a chance at winning a machine, and sharing your many talents with all of US!!

February 08, 2014
Nan Neely
Nan Neely: ...
I would LOVE to cut my own stencils to use in multi media projects....then about a dozen other ideas come to mind. Want a dream this would be!

February 08, 2014
Madelien: ...
I would start with scrapbook embellishments ... And cards, wow, everyday will be an adventure with endless possibilities, just thinking about this awesome machine makes me feel like a kid in a candy store :-) yes please, pretty please, I would LOVE a Silhouette Cameo :-)

February 08, 2014
sylvie: ...
TY for this opportunity! I'd cut a gazillion of butterflies to decorate the walls of my staircase!

February 08, 2014
Jennifer Lew-Andrews
Jennifer Lew-Andrews: ...
First, lots of catching up on my kids' school albums. Then, Mother's Day cards, birthday cards, etc. So many projects! Thank you for this opportunity--

February 08, 2014
Beth: ...
I would cut out vinyl lettering for a sign I'm working on.....smilies/smiley.gif

February 08, 2014
Sue Walsh
Sue Walsh: ...
I'd use this fabulous machine to design and cut cards for my Project Life Journal!
Thanks for the chance Jessica smilies/smiley.gif

February 08, 2014
Joyce: ...
I would make an awesome thank you card for letting me win an awesome prize!

February 08, 2014
Margie Visnick
Margie Visnick: ...
I would make some shirts for our Disney trip this summer!

February 08, 2014
Erin Graziano
Erin Graziano: ...
There are so many possibilities but I would definitely start using it to scrap. I want to create lots of pages in 2014! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

February 08, 2014
Linda Trask
Linda Trask: ...
We recently moved and I had to leave behind an inspirational vinyl quote that has been an amazing encouragement to me through some rough times. I would use it recreate that quote for our new home. Thank you for a chance to win!

February 08, 2014
Marcy Focht
Marcy Focht: ...
Would use it for titles and embellishments on my scrapbook pages and making fancy cards.

February 08, 2014
Ginger McGraw
Ginger McGraw: ...
I am on a new journey in life myself and believe me when I say I have a lot of scrapping to do and a cameo would certainly make the job much easier.

February 08, 2014
Kim LaFleur
Kim LaFleur: ...
Oh the list is long! You posted some aprons you made several years ago and they were adorable, I'd probably start there and gift to the wonderful ladies in my life!

February 08, 2014
Lori: ...
I would love to win a cameo. I would use it to cut out cards for the seniors at the assisted living home where I go once a month to make cards with them. It would be a huge time saver!

February 08, 2014
Dana H
Dana H: ...
Thank you for the chance to win a Cameo. I don't know if I can pick out one thing I'd do... I'd first probably cut out things for project life and also cut out the shapes that go along with some stamp sets I have. It would be a wonderful tool to have with so many possibilities!

February 08, 2014
Lindsey Cruz
Lindsey Cruz: ...

My first project would making wedding invitations for my wedding. I love the fact that there are so many possibles with this great machine.

Lindsey Cruz

February 08, 2014
Brandi White
Brandi W: ...
My husband and my boys have birthdays coming up, I would be able to make so much for their birthdays!

February 08, 2014
Danette Robinson
Danette Robinson: ...
Oh, my goodness! What would I do first, out of the hundreds of fun project possibilities, if I were lucky enough to win? I think I'd make a new stamp set. Probably using some of Lori Whitlock's cut files. smilies/smiley.gif Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

February 08, 2014
Rosalie Vos Tulp
Rosalie Vos Tulp: ...
I would cut titles and maybe play with the glass etching technique

February 08, 2014
Amy Dann
Amy Dann: ...
If I win, I would take it to my daughters' school and teach other moms and teachers how to use it! I'm sure the first project would be cutting letters for PreK! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

February 08, 2014
Sabrina Kalleberg
SK: ...
I would love to make some vinyl wall art! Thanks for this opportunity!

February 08, 2014
jeanette jones
jeanette jones: ...
I used to create albums using every scrapbooking and stamping technique I could do. Pages would take days. Then I took every class Jessica offered, learned Photoshop Elements, obsessed, and have made many, many pages. I've been eying the silhouette machine so I can get into making cards. Oh! the possibilities with learning a new obsession. I can already picture the cards I could create. Thanks for making this possible!smilies/smiley.gif

February 08, 2014
Deby Earl
Deby Earl: ...
smilies/kiss.gif If I won a Silhouette Cameo, my first project would be those marvelous 3D stars! I just Love them!

February 08, 2014
Ann Marie Ashton
Ashton, AM: ...
My First project would definitely be some vinyl for the walls. Thanks for the chance. smilies/smiley.gif

February 08, 2014
Cat: ...
I would use it to finish my wedding album - I started it 9 years ago and I've been married 10 years...

February 08, 2014
Cambria Anderson
Cambria Anderson: ...
My first project would be to make fabric blocks with the names of my female Russian ancestors. My girls and I are working on a quilt to honor them and we have been trying to figure out a way to personalize it with the names of these special women…the Silhouette is our answer! smilies/cheesy.gif

February 08, 2014
Vicki: ...
First I would learn to use this awesome machine then I would go on to make some cards. After that the sky is the limited. Thanks for a chance to win one!!

February 08, 2014
Linda Hagerty
Linda Hagerty: ...
I am dying for a Silhouette and if I win I would make this St. Patrick's Day Banner b/c I would definately be "LUCKY"

February 08, 2014
Sharon Scalise
Sharon Scalise: ...
My students could use another one to help with their mood boards and visual merchandising displays. The Fashion Studies department at College of DuPage has one -- but it is well used and there is always a line waiting for it.

February 08, 2014
Bethany Walters
Bethany Walters: ...
I would love to win this fantastic giveaway, I really want to start vinyl designing. My first project would be a monogram wall decal for our new home, thank you for the chance!

February 08, 2014
Judy Diamond
Judy Diamond: ...
I'd begin working on Passover projects for our Religious School thus making our students' educational experience more fun, engaging and meaningful. So many creative possibilities!

February 08, 2014
Lori Newton
Lori Newton: ...
Bulletin boards for my kindergarten classroom!

February 08, 2014
Mary McCarthy
Mary McCarthy: ...
Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I think I would be so excited I wouldn't know what to make first! =) But I think I would use it first for cards.

February 08, 2014
Terrina: ...
I would love to win this Cameo! Thanks so much for the awesome opportunity!
If I won it, I would most definitely make my first project - some cut outs for my chalkboard frame in my dayhome! The kiddos would love them!
Love all your classes and your site is my daily go to for inspiration!
Cheers smilies/smiley.gif

February 08, 2014
Sarah Gieseke
Sarah Gieseke: ...
My first project would be a memory wall for our son, Fredrick. He started his new life in heaven last October and I am struggling to find ways to share the memories. I have started a memory tree and would add to that.

February 08, 2014
Jennifer Hodge
Jennifer Hodge: ...
Thank you so much for this great opportunity. I would love to have my very own cameo. I love making wood signs and would use the cameo to make custom stencils and then learn how to use vinyl.

February 08, 2014
Kayla Chamberlain
Kayla Chamberlain: ...
I would use the cameo to make some vinyl lettering and other cute projects with my activity day girls. We have a large group of 30+, so a cameo would allow us to make many projects that haven't been doable when hand cutting for that many. Winning would truly be a blessing to give these girls the kinds of projects they'd love to do. Thanks for the chance to win!

February 08, 2014
Kendra Grande
Kendra Grande: ...
I'd love to cut some vinyl for wall art. Thanks for the contest and chance to win!

February 08, 2014
Denise Baker
Denise Baker: ...
First thing I'd do with a new Cameo??? Cards, cards and more cards!!

February 08, 2014
Sandra Jensen
Sandra Jensen: ...
After my Happy Dance for actually winning a Cameo, AND after spending a day learning how to use this machine that I have always dreamed of having, THEN I would love to use it to make some fun embellishments for a scrapbook I have just started for my granddaughter... then maybe some cards... oh, and I have always wanted to try wall art! The ideas are making me smile!smilies/cheesy.gif Cameo + Jessica's awesome site = Happy Anticipation. Thanks for the awesome contest!

February 08, 2014
Trudy Herndon
Trudy Herndon: ...
I would like to make my own cards as well as working to update my scrapbooks.

February 08, 2014
Leah Hanson
Leah Hanson: ...
I have found some cute Valentines designs I'd love to make to give to my friends!!

February 09, 2014
Marcia Stratton
Marcia Stratton: ...
My first project would be vinyl lettering for some jars if I were lucky enough to win. Thanks for the chance.

February 09, 2014
Mary: ...
I would make a lot Print n cut for scrapbooking and card making

February 09, 2014
Debbie E
Debbie E: ...
My Dad's 90th birthday is in April, so I would make him a acrapbook album for his birthday

February 09, 2014
Claudia Bitner
Claudia Bitner: ...
I would make birthday cards for my family

February 09, 2014
LindaH: ...
So excited for this--I'd love to tackle some vinyl projects!

February 09, 2014
Gladys Hedaya
Gladys Hedaya: ...
PERFECT TIMING TO WIN!!!!! My son's school is run a kids art auction to donate photography, writings, art canvases, paintings etc to adorn the walls of children's hospitals in our ny area and I would sooo use the silhouette to have the kids create more art to hang!!! OOO I hope I win!!!!!!!!!! smilies/smiley.gif

Thanks for the opportunity smilies/smiley.gif

Gladys Hedaya

February 09, 2014
Gabrielle: ...
Oh my goodness, the cards I have in mind! And some vinyl wall decor. smilies/grin.gif

February 09, 2014
Pam Meeks
Pam Meeks: ...
my first project would be to cut new vinyl letters for my living room wall = love having scripture as the first thing I see when I walk in my home...

February 09, 2014
Karin van Driesten
Karin O: ...
I just did my first hybrid scrap LO two weeks ago and I loved it. So I decided to start with a project life project. And the Cameo would really come in handy with all the beautifull digital stuff i have to cut it out. Ofcourse I will do many more hybrid layouts and would love to create my own wordart!

February 09, 2014
I'm working on a perpetual calendar and the silhouette would be so helpful!!

February 09, 2014
Kerri Wilson
Kerri Wilson: ...
First I would start making my list of projects that I have been waiting to do with a Silhouette Cameo and then have my good friend Jane to help me use the Silhouette. Then I would put my Cricut Expressions on Kijiji to sell. smilies/smiley.gif

February 09, 2014
Sharon F
Sharon F: ...
It would be so awesome to win a Silhouette Cameo. I would love to make a card for my mom's 91st birthday which is this month! Thanks for the opportunity

February 09, 2014
Melissa Bartlett
Melissa Bartlett: ...
I would love to win a cameo - and my first project would be to make layouts for my son's cub scout scrapbook.

February 09, 2014
Ronda Gorman
Ronda G: ...
I'd love to get some Pink Vinyl and decorate my computer case, aka "The White Fridge" as most definitely "Mom's"! LOL - I was fortunate enough to have my son build me a new computer, but that white case is so plain and boring! And of I think I'd have to make portrait outlines of my kids to hang on the walls, too.

February 09, 2014
Karen Graham
Karen Graham: ...
I would love to win a silhouette! My first project would be a thank you card for a dear friend.

February 09, 2014
Robin: ...
ohhhhhh I would love to be the lucky winner of this offer! My first project would have to be something for my newest grandson that will hopefully be born this week!!!! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

February 09, 2014
Jessenia Vargas
Jessenia Vargas: ...
I'll finish all the unfinished layout that I have waiting to, when I have a The Silhouette CAMEO! smilies/grin.gif

February 09, 2014
Peggy Kiefer
Peggy Kiefer: ...
I would try cutting a fabric applique.

February 09, 2014
nancyS: ...
Use it to update my bulletin boards at school

February 09, 2014
Melanie Lowder
Melanie Lowder: ...
I would love to make 12X12 scrapbook pages with a Cameo!

February 09, 2014
Diana Huneycutt
Diana Huneycutt: ...
My first project would be my scrapbook pages for my kids' school pictures from this year. Thank you for the contest!

February 09, 2014
Tricia Snyder
Tricia Snyder: ...
This is all new to me! I was just telling my husband that he could get me a silhouette for my birthday. I was just showing him what I wanted and found your site. I guess I would probably start with a Valentine. :-)

February 09, 2014
Carla Jo Stone
Carla Jo Stone: ...
Song lyrics on the front of my stair steps!!

February 09, 2014
Candy Clay
Candy Clay: ...
I would try the new white pen and make something chalkboard

February 09, 2014
Sarah Florent
Sarah F: ...
The first thing I would do would be to cut out all of the files that have come with digi kits, that I haven't been able to use yet! smilies/smiley.gif

February 09, 2014
Paula Riley
Paula Riley: ...
If I won this fab machine, first I'd make something for my grandaughters. Thanks for the chance.

February 09, 2014
Vivian: ...
It would have to be something for my craft room door or a graduation card for my grandson. Thanks for the chance to win.

February 09, 2014
Kate: ...
Wow, what a great giveaway. My godson is getting married this year and I am doing the decorations for the reception and the Cameo would be a great help for all the projects I have in mind. Thanks for the chance to win!

February 09, 2014
Jena Evans
Jena Evans: ...
Thanks for the chance to win the Cameo!

First project for me would be a title for my next scrapbook page, "WooHoo! I Won!"

February 09, 2014
Janelle Breson
Janelle Breson: ...
I would cut out a bunch of baby shower items for my soon-to-be new neice/nephew.

February 09, 2014
Cindy: ...
My first project is a "no brainer"...Big letters on a large posterboard "For Sale Cricut Expressions". Oh yes, can't forget the gazillion cartridges and Gypsy too! Big neighborhood garage sale in March. This is such good timing! I have been using my friends Silhouette, it's time for my own! I have my fingers crossed! smilies/smiley.gif

February 09, 2014
Sherian Lucas
Sherian Lucas: ...
I would like to decorate my craft room and a project for my grandson.

February 09, 2014
Nashwa Aleem
Nashwa Aleem: ...
First, as a tester, I would make an attractive "for sale" sign of my Cricut Expression 2!! After seeing the Oh! so many videos of Silhouette Cameo and hearing everyone rave about this machine, I have to say I have converted. The first project I would work on would have to be my eldest son's High School graduation party. From banners to invitations to cupcake wrappers. Oh! I just can't wait.

February 09, 2014
Meagan Montgomery
Meagan Montgomery: ...
We always make valentines for my kids to give out at school. We found some really funny mustache ones but they involve a lot of cutting (boo) so that trace and cut feature would be a hand-saver for sure! Thanks for the chance!

February 09, 2014
Lani Luza
Lani Luza: ...
Decor & monogrammed/personalized gifts for my daughter & friends' upcoming high school graduation. Go Bobcats!!!!

February 09, 2014
Vicki Breson
Vicki Breson: ...
I would use the cameo to create a wonderful hybrid album. Using some of the paper and digi supplies I have been collecting for years. I have taken some of Jessica's classes and I just know I would create something amazing and memorable.

February 10, 2014
Ai Yen
Ai-Yen: ...
My Silhouette SD has just died. Wish I can get a Cameo! Thanks

February 10, 2014
Ronny Robinson
Ronny Robinson: ...
I have a Cameo which I love but if I could win this Cameo it would go to my granddaughter Jessica.
she is doing her student teaching and will graduate in a couple of months and be a fulfleged teacher with her own classroom. She wants to be an elementary school teacher. She comes over all the time and wants different things cut out from my Cameo to decorate her class room. My daughter, Jessicas mother and I were just discussing 2 days ago and wishing we could get her a Cameo for her graduation. My daughter is a single parent raising 4 children and I am on social security so at this time we just don't know how we could possibly do it.
this giveaway is a chance to make this wish come true! So waiting with anxious hope
Thankyou for this opportunity. I know what the first things she will make are decorations that she
has already planned out for her first very own classroom.

February 10, 2014

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